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The Casting Couch Meets Cute With The Company, or: The Hollywood - CIA Connection

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So there's this division of the federal government at the CIA called "The National Resources Division"( ). It basically exploits human capital to observe and report back to the National Interest.

Translation: the CIA recruits famous people, mostly Hollywood industry people, including A-list stars, to spy on others and report back to the CIA on their interactions overseas and otherwise concerning any notable figures they've come across and had conversations/interactions with.

This blog post has been fomenting for many years now. Due to the deleterious effect infiltrators have had on my life through my concentric, continued interactions with "The Beautiful People", it makes perfect sense to me and comes as no surprise that there would be a federally funded agency that hosts a myriad of stars to be spies who are paid for with your tax dollars. 
(Yes, some of these famous people are paid informants.) 

One Hollywood spy I have spoken with/interacted with who is a VERY well known household name actress, mostly for her role as a mother in two of a very successful franchise of comedic films in the 80s who was also once married to perhaps if not the most famous, one of the most famous American actors on the planet and has direct ties to my friend Johnny Darkk, a first-gen Project Talent boy genius in the MK-ULTRA mind control programs who's also no stranger to UFOs.

As a young seeker with some highly unusual experiences and no one to share them with or make sense of, Johnny found himself in a Christian cult on the East coast with this same actress in the 60s and 70s being a member. They lived on a communal farm where the cult was located.

 This actress/asset for the CIA once very nonchalantly told my friend point blank once on a drive into town for supplies that "You've been a 'problem' for us and we don't know what to do with you, so we're going to continue monitoring you" (Interestingly enough, this was the exact same thing I was told through rather unusual means through someone who introduced herself to me as an FBI agent as well after I was very unambiguously and deliberately interrogated and asked at the end "Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?".)

Funnily enough, when I personally spoke with this actress by phone, I couldn't remember any of Johnny's story when she was speaking with me. It was as if I were being hypnotized. It was as if Johnny had never mentioned her to me before.
Not sayin', just sayin'. But I will say she had a very commanding, controlling presence, and her vocal tone was interesting. It was only days later that I suddenly remembered this - under any other circumstances-  truly unforgettable story that Johnny had told me about being in a cult with this actress/agent.

I told him about this unusual lapse in memory as I spoke with her and he said with a knowing look "They do that. They know how to do that." 

There seems to be a reward system in place for a job well done too: State secrets that for whatever reason need to be leaked (and can make a comfy career too) can and often are easily infused/infected into story lines of tv shows and movies for years.

If you know what to look for, the evidence is clear, just look at the abundance of stories right now having to do with conspiracies, fringe/frontier tech, "terrorist attacks" and how they connect to "state secrets", false flag operations, ET engagement with the human race, reverse engineered tech and the like. Why bother going to alternative news sites when you've got the horses mouth spilling out all the fuel you need for your next project to get the green light vis a vis the participation and implicit endorsement of the federal government?

There are many offenders, and as this article states:
Some of whom fight over the chance to volunteer for the job due to the cache and level of desirability due to  "intrigue" quotient.

 I guess there are some people whose lives aren't interesting enough so they misguidedly think they are helping their country by spying on Hollywood and world leaders -- for purely selfless reasons, of course ;-) .

 I guess if you wanted to also get some dirt on your competition and keep them from getting ahead, you could do worse than using organized crime/gangsters like the CIA as a repository to use said info later on your target for blackmail and extortion.

Hey, it worked for the Scientologists! You could do worse.

The names of said movie star offenders are of course all classified.
But I can warrant a guess as to who some of them are. 

The less obvious ones are writers and directors and "Consulting Producers" (pay deep attention to that job title) and executive producers in general in Tinseltown who are the more egregious partners in obtaining state information while allowing the ruse of Hollywood to deny it/inoculate people against the reality of it at the same time. So it serves a multi-functional purpose in that the writers, et al are delivering the system while at the same time covering it up/hiding in plain sight under the ruse of "fiction" as well.

There are many routes to back-channeled information through Hollywood and the CIA connection, of course. Not just the NRD recruits directly. Many in Hollywood are probably independent contractors not getting paid in dollars, but in ideas. Some might not even be entirely aware of it either. Whether consciously taking ideas from the government paid presences or not, Hollywood is spreading disinfo/innoculating the public over the real deals by saying all of this and more subject matter is "fictionalized". 

I can't help but notice as pertains to my direct, personal experience, how one person's name in particular keeps coming up who seems to be a big red flag in that regard, a woman who has been in the writing and producing trenches for years and is a graduate of UC Berkeley.

Berkeley is one of the worst offenders in accepting funds/doing research on CIA mind control research and development,  and works in tandem frequently with notorious mind control programming center The Stanford Research Institute. Berkeley is also the town most CIA officers go to die when their time is up with Division.

As you may or may not be aware, no one ever really leaves The Company. 
Berkley is a repository where old agents sit around the Silicon Valley virtual bonfire and trade war stories, all of course without violating their security oaths!
(But you didn't hear it from me. ;-) ) 

 Jane Espenson is the writer/producer in mention.

Jane: her story is not so plain.

Her bio is here:

 If you are familiar with MK-ULTRA/CIA mind control symbolism, you might instantly recognize them on the show with the Disney TV (literal) programming affiliations she has in ABC's Once Upon A Time (an MK-ULTRA Monarch slave mind control trigger fest starring an actress many, many people, including a famous Hollywood actor/director have told me is my spitting image,
Ginnifer Goodwin. Not sayin' just sayin'):

Me in image above, Ginny below.

Jane also knows a thing or two about mind control and has perhaps outed herself entirely with insider CIA/corporate R&D arena pertinent information in the scathing indictment that is the television show Dollhouse. Taking more than a passing interest in the subject of MK-ULTRA as well as the frontier technology that brings it into the 21st century, continuing along a long line of traditions of Nazi regime experimentation, R&D, and torture to produce an undetectable, multiple-personalitied assassin/prostitute for the elite, Espenson (along with Joss Wheadon, another perennial mind-control-themed offender) practically shove it in your face what they know about and what they are told goes on in mind control programs.

Dollhouse for me personally when I first saw it was so hard to watch, and so triggering, that it produced flashbacks so strong I became sick to my stomach and thought I was going to throw up.

Brainswipe/memory removal scene in the TV show Dollhouse that made me sick to my stomach.

It is not a "coincidence" that A.) Dollhouse got the green light, and B.) that the knowledge the creators/producers/writers had of military/CIA funded mind control experimentation and technology was not obtained simply through imagery/information found on the internet.

Now comes the Pièce de résistance:

The first three stills above are from a show called Torchwoodof course written in part by our good friend Jane Espenson. The two portraits below that are of the real life Lady Judge Barbara Thomas, who herself is not personally in the show. But in the show's finale miniseries entitled "Miracle Day", a group of black project agents whose main focus is to neutralize extraterrestrial threats on Earth come in contact with a middle manager and caretaker of an extraterrestrial/ancient terrestrial entity who feeds on life force energy. As you can clearly see in the images, Thomas bears quite the striking, more than passing resemblance to the lady played by actress Frances Fisher on the show.

Fisher's character's name is never given other than as The Mother, which could also very possibly be alluding to Illuminati hierarchies/Monarch mind control trainers mentioned in interviews with Monarch slave Arizona Wilder as well as a possible reference to The Mothers Of Darkness Castle in Belgium, the site of much mind control training of Monarchs as well as Illuminati child sacrifices.

  Lady Judge Barbara Thomas's name and information was given to me in a briefing by the researcher Anthony Sanchez. Thomas is one of the financial executives for the funding of many things, including Los Alamos National Laboratories secret projects and (allegedly) the notorious human and animal experimentation at Dulce base.

I was a human test subject at this location and others, and she was the woman who allegedly funded/backed/oversaw all financing for individual as well as broad/long term projects. Further evidence that "The Mother" aka Thomas might be involved with mind control programming heavily is when I saw her photograph for the first time from the brief, I went into a curious trance-like state and said out loud to no one in particular in a very unnerving monotone
 "I saw her once at Los Alamos"

 In real life, Lady Judge Barbara Thomas is the middle manager for all of these and other  commercialization deals (tech and otherwise) struck with Los Alamos and others. She also is Chairman Emeritus of the UK Atomic Energy Authority and with her nuclear energy background as well as being the CEO of a company who creates mini nuclear reactors (supposedly, allegedly), thus having a stake in providing power for the underground facilities.

Her bio is by no means complete, and the Los Alamos connection is curiously absent, but if you want to take a look at her illustrious career trajectory, it intersects with some pretty interesting places/people:

Thomas: Nice butterfly pin, Lady. 

Jane Espenson and Joss Wheadon, both frequent collaborators, are people whose careers have skyrocketed off the charts for work on many curious black/secret project/fringe science/espionage/mind control related themes.

They also seem to be aware of more than a passing admittance to who's who in the bitstream in terms of players and financiers of these very subjects in real life. Just watch Wheadon's film "Cabin in the Woods" and you'll know that at the very least, he's aware that underground facilities with highly compartmentalized mind control experimentation not only exists, but also with the rampant use of human/animal experimentation that is outside of anything resembling the law or ethical considerations.

The co-writers/creators of Torchwood didn't choose the usual suspects when "creating" a middle manager character who is responsible for the care and feeding of an extraterrestrial (or ancient terrestrial) creature who demands sacrifices in order to live. No, they chose someone very clearly off the radar who choses to remain out of the spotlight if at all possible and while enjoys many accomplishments doesn't get or seem to seek out a lot of press.
Seems very succinct and suspicious a choice of character for The Mother if you ask me. 

The people who create information control and reward systems for Hollywood are not interested in peace and transparency "in the National interest". They are interested in hoarding information passed down through generations of spies and other misnomers who decide for the populace
"what is best for them" without anyone in the populace knowing this actually, really goes on. 

But Jane Espenson knows. Because she wrote about it on many shows.
The same goes for Joss Wheadon.

And many others know as well:

Russell T. Davies, the Torchwood and Doctor Who (v. 2.0) creator, along with others involved with his productions probably are being fed information directly from people in MI5 as well as MI6/British military intelligence specialists/insiders/black projects. He must be getting back-channeled information at the very least.

For those of you who didn't already know this, TORCHWOOD is an anagram for DOCTOR WHO.

The scifi themes of both shows (one having to do with aliens and government conspiracies and false flag operations, the other having to do primarily with time travel and life on other planets/worlds/dimensions as well) even commingle at points and there are several episodes on both shows where characters are guest stars on each other's show and are co-joined in the show's story arcs.

This is just a fingernail's full of what's out there. But the next time you see something on a "fictional" tv program, understand that there is more going on with the messages you are receiving and getting than meets the eye. I could go on; provide a long, seemingly endless list of names of who I think is involved and why, but I wouldn't want a witch hunt. 

It's classified, you know!

***UPDATE: 8:40 PM EST, 1 SEPTEMBER, 2014***

OK, so last night as I was composing the first draft of this blog post/article, something strange happened. As I was writing about the television show Torchwood and about to write about how there had been  rumors that this kind of agency was real, I was literally overcome physically by some kind of telepathic message that felt almost like a machine or AI or something having to do with synthetic telepathy that was definitely not human telling me the following ver batim:

I wrote: "I have been told through several people in the know that this division is really real" and then the telepathic message jumped in and said: "and operates under the aegis of CNP -- a transnational corporation mingled with black operatives fighting the resistance to keep the secrets of the known and unknown universe from getting into the hands of some group known as 'The Facility'."


So, obviously a little stunned and curious, today I looked up CNP not expecting anything, but found this:

The Center for National Policy

Could this be the "transnational group mingled with black operatives" that the message was referring to??? They seem pretty creepy, quite honestly. Certainly has the imprimatur of a vague yet massive behemoth transnational corporation who could conceivably get behind a lot of skullduggery and abuse of power easily. Maybe even take down an extraterrestrial threat or discovery on terra firm? It clearly appears they have the man and firepower to do something destructive, that's for sure. They don't seem very interested in diplomacy. They actually seem like pretty fascistic fucks if you'll pardon my gut reaction. More like a "War Is Peace" type of org. than anyone interested in genuine breakthroughs that benefit all of mankind, not just the war machine.

Come to think of it, I have heard of the CNP over the years, but mostly included in passing in NPR editorials and CNN Sunday pundit gabfests when referring to only the vaguest of political policy and strategic goals, and always sort of lumped in with a bunch of other foundations when mentioned.

 Come to think of it, what do most of these vast transnationals do other than globalist hegemony/strategy through surveillance, "security" (for whom?), and making sure no regular person has access to free energy/suppressed clean, renewable tech anything? I mean, really? Do they do anything other than spy and take over/ruin countries in the name of western "democracy"?

It would make sense, actually, what I was told, it just sounded so ridiculous when I heard it and had no idea what this message was about that I put it on the back burner only to revisit it just now.

 I have no idea who 'The Facility' is, but if they are against the surveillance/permawar state and pro-transparency and disclosure and releasing of free energy to the public, I am all for it if it's done responsibly and safely with no harm to or loss of life.

Or maybe CNP refers to this??

I have no idea. ONI has been and continues to be a thorn in my side personally, so in my opinion anything's possible. ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) just so you know is definitely the department of the military that has its hands in everyone's pie over all things aerial phenomenon that are not readily explainable. They also abduct people like me routinely. I'm no fan of ONI and they assuredly are no fans of mine either.

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All I Need - Clams Casino (Lucid Video)

Probably not safe for work. 

I can do this, I can make this happen, I set my intention, I meet people in higher self in real time and we have the most fun. But then what? 

They don't seem to want to activate it in 3D reality but they all say or express the same thing: 

"I had a dream about you last night."

"I was meaning to call you all day."

"You've been on my mind."

"I was feeling you around me."

"I've been thinking about you/something you said/saw something on tv/the internet/heard something on the radio connected to what we were talking about and it was interesting/profound timing that resonated strongly."

"All these synchronicities started happening after I spoke with you"

And then there's one or two of you who read this who have activated it in 3D real time... ;-)

For those of you who have, tell me what you've experienced. I review all comments before publishing but if you want to guarantee keeping it private, email me at:

 Keep it PG-13, please!
Not trying to solicit pervs, just trying to get some confirmation!