Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Where'd the Missing Trillions Go?

"At my request several years ago the Department of Defense issued a report detailing the breadth of fraud that exists within the Pentagon--the simple issue of massive fraud. The report showed that the Pentagon paid over $573 billion during the past 10 years to more than 300 contractors involved in civil fraud cases that resulted in judgments of more than $1 million--$398 billion of which was awarded after settlement or judgment for fraud. When awards to parent companies are counted, the Pentagon paid more than $1.1 trillion during the past 10 years just to the 37 top companies engaged in fraud. The bottom line is that almost every major defense contractor in this country has in one way or another been involved in fraudulent dealings with the taxpayers of this country and the Department of Defense." (source:

Donald Rumsfeld testifying day before 9/11 about missing trillions from Pentagon, next day the very records dept. responsible for holding info about it goes kablooie, funny how things like that seem to happen a lot to people and places when they bring it up:

Monday, August 3, 2015

Counter Intelligence | Part I - The Company

Very important documentary series, the first segment covers/explores Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), which are front corporations that ostensibly do "something" legit, but who are in actuality really funded and at least partially run by the CIA for ulterior purposes. This is in fact a pretty common practice and you'd be amazed how many CIA front companies there are in existence. 

While you might only associate the CIA with running tin pot dictatorships in third world countries in Latin America, think again. Also covers the downfall of the first democratically elected Labour Party win in Australia in 27 years in the 1970s that was quickly demolished by the CIA in partnership with British MI6 and incredibly enough, members of the Australian intelligence service as well. It also details the downfall of a British parliamentary moderate who was deigned "too much of a threat" to the status quo and was run out of office as well with the help of the CIA, MI5 and South African intelligence.

Hearings having to do with human trafficking of women and children for sex slavery as well were held in 2003 investigating DynCorp, a CIA/Department of Defense contractor better known for being hired mercenaries (and thus, outside of the confines of the Geneva Convention) in The War Against Terror, but who were also repeatedly involved with procuring small boys for heads of state for sex parties, including the involvement of the Minister of Education in Afghanistan. Testimony of Donald Rumsfeld hemming and hawing about protocols for hiring and firing (or rather not firing, ever) companies like DynCorp in the hearing is right around the end of the first hour mark. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dr.Dean Radin: The Extended Mind,Past,Present and Future

I am not a physicist, and yet at the 22 minute mark or so, Radin explains that the quantum verse is utilized in fields of "possibilities and potentialities"- my guides explained time as a construct to me years ago (physics is just coming around to that concept now as having validity) and utilize the term "possibility and potentiality" of liklihoods of outcomes by people focusing on the outcome as a factor in its reality. So many of my clients come to me with zero faith in their own "possibilities and potentialities" of the potency of themselves as the manufacturer of possible realities. I often leave them at a very different place than when we started, and it often is for the better. Much of what I do turns on that "possibility and potentiality" inside them. They looked at it, and it changed it. 

Empathy Can Be Built, Botox Destroys Empathy, How A Killer's Brain Differs From Yours

"I recently interviewed Dr. Richard Davidson, a pioneer in the emerging neuroscience of emotion. According to Dr. Davidson, who chairs The Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, emotional styles – such as being empathetic, altruistic, optimistic, and resilient – have a neural basis, and you can change your emotional style through mental practice. In other words, how you think directly affects how you feel – both emotionally and physically.
But Botox users beware: According to one study, women who paralyze their facial muscles may show less empathy – and also feel less empathy as well."
 - Barbara Bradley Hagerty, former NPR reporter, author

A Neuroscientist Uncovers A Dark Secret:

Fallon's brain (on the right) has dark patches in the orbital cortex, the area just behind the eyes. This is the area that Fallon and other scientists say is involved with ethical behavior, moral decision-making and impulse control. The normal scan on the left is his son's. (Courtesy of Jim Fallon.)